Information for foreign students

UFV stands out for its commitment to international students, with no fees imposed on regular or mobility students. Furthermore, those aspiring to pursue Master’s or Ph.D. programs can apply for scholarships provided by Brazilian agencies.

Opportunities in English

Courses in English

From 2020 to 2023, the predominant mode of instruction for courses in English at UFV was online. In 2024, a larger number of courses in English will be offered in a traditional, in-person format. Applications for these courses are open to two main groups:

  • Mobility Students: This category includes students currently enrolled in other higher education institutions that have established bilateral exchange agreements with UFV.
  • Degree Holders: Individuals who already possess an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree and are interested in enrolling in specific standalone courses are also welcome to apply.

UFV courses do not charge academic fees.

Check the courses offered in English:

UFV Internships

UFV provides opportunities for international students to engage in academic internships within various laboratory settings across multiple disciplines. Check out the available opportunities.

Applications process

Online courses only

To apply for online courses only, access the Notice below, providing the required documents. The deadline for applications for online courses only in the second semester of 2024 is June 16, 2024.

In-person mobility

To apply for in-person courses, combined in-person and online courses, or academic internships, follow the steps bellow.


  • For participation in the first academic semester (March to July), required documentation must be submitted by November 30 of the preceding year.
  • To participate in mobility during the second academic semester (August to December), documentation must be submitted by May 31 of the same year.

Required steps:

STEP 1: Documents for student nomination

The following documents must be sent to the DRI email (

  1. Learning agreement;
  2. Transcript of records;
  3. Curriculum;
  4. Document containing full names of parents;
  5. Passport;
  6. Portuguese Language Certificate (for mobility in Medicine or Nursing).
STEP 2: Acceptance letter

After sending the documentation, DRI will send the acceptance letter to approved students by email.

STEP 3: Visa application

After receiving the acceptance letter from UFV, the student must apply for the appropriate visa at the Brazilian consulate in their country.

STEP 4: Documents required for enrolling (when arriving in Brazil)
  1. Passport (original and copy);
  2. Consular Visa (original and copy);
  3. International Insurance with mandatory coverage for sanitary repatriation, funeral repatriation and third party damage coverage;
  4. CPF document;
  5. Vaccine Card;
    • Influenza (H1N1);
    • Diphtheria and tetanus;
    • Yellow fever;
    • Measles.
  6. Portuguese Language Certificate (only for mobility in Medicine or Nursing).
STEP 5: Registration with the Federal Police

The student has 90 days after entering Brazil to go to the Federal Police and complete the National Migration Registry (RNM). Guidelines for obtaining the RNM are on the Brazilian government page.


In addition to mobility, foreign students can also participate in the Undergraduate Exchange Student Program (PEC-G) and the Postgraduate Exchange Student Program (PEC-PG). These programs allow students from countries with which Brazil has cultural and/or educational cooperation agreements to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Brazilian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

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