Nigerian Master’s students arrive at UFV

2 de February de 2022

Five Nigerian Master’s students arrived at UFV in the last week of January 2021. They are part of a group of around 70 Nigerians admitted to UFV Master’s programs, under the initiative known as ARIFA (Agricultural Research and Innovation Fellowship for Africa). This initiative was created by FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa) and it is receiving financial support from the funding agency TETFund. Other students of the group are expected to arrive at UFV in the following weeks.

The picture below shows the group of the ARIFA fellows, together with members of the administration of UFV, after a ceremony organized for their reception, on January 31.

From the left: Prof. Raul Guedes (Dean of Research and Graduate Programs), Muhammad Alhaji Adamu (Food Science and Technology), Isah Rabiu (Nutrition Science), Nneka Vivian Iduu (Agricultural Microbiology), Prof. Demetrius David da Silva (Rector), Shafiu Mustapha (Chemistry), Ugonna Henry Uzoka (Veterinary Medicine), Prof. Vladimir Di Iorio (Director of International Affairs), Prof. Hilario Mantovani (researcher from the Agricultural Microbiology program), Prof. Murilo Zerbini (Associate Dean of Graduate Programs).

Representatives of the group of volunteers known as UFV Ambassadors also attended the ceremony. They help foreign students at UFV with several practical issues, including finding appropriate accommodation in Viçosa. The picture below shows the Ambassadors Samuel Lana, Luciana Cruz, and Arthur Enrici with the Nigerian students.

This initiative involves also other higher education institutions in Brazil, under the coordination of UFV. Currently, ARIFA fellows have been admitted also by UFG, UFLA, UNESP, UFOP, and UNIFEI.