Courses in English

From 2020 to 2023, the predominant mode of instruction for English courses at UFV was online. In 2024, a larger number of English courses will be offered in a traditional, in-person format. Applications for these courses are open to two main groups:

  • Mobility Students: This category includes students currently enrolled in other higher education institutions that have established bilateral exchange agreements with UFV.
  • Degree Holders: Individuals who already possess an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree and are interested in enrolling in specific standalone courses are also welcome to apply.

UFV courses do not charge academic fees.

Application Process

  1. Fill in the application form with the required documents. The deadline for application for the first semester of 2024 is between December XX, 2023, and January XX, 2024.
    • Application form for mobility students (available soon).
    • Application form for diploma holders (available soon).
  2. The application will be evaluated by the coordinator of each course based on the curriculum vitae presented.
  3. Approved candidates will receive an email with access information to UFV systems and other instructions for starting classes.

First semester of 2024

Classes for the first semester of 2024 start in March 2024. The subjects offered are listed below:

BQI 602 – Biosafety

Format: Online

Lecturer: Cláudio Lísias Mafra de Siqueira

Time: Friday, from 8am to 12am.

UFV Credits: 4.

ECTS: 7,5.


  1. Biosafety.
  2. Concept of risk.
  3. Levels and Standards of Biosafety.
  4. Handling, Storage, and Disposal of Radioisotopes, Chemicals, and Potentially Pathogenic Biological Agents.
  5. Biosafety and bioethics in human, animal, and plant experimentation.
  6. Immunizations applied to workers in biological risk areas.
  7. Medical surveillance of laboratory personnel.
  8. Equipment and laboratory design for different levels of biosafety.
  9. Conduct and standards of biosafety in case of risks and emergencies.
  10. Transport of samples and biological substances.

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